About Us

Prohaktiv is a global technology, software and services provider. At Prohaktiv, as the name suggests, we innovate to help businesses create applications that have real impact towards establishing them as brands and category leaders. Our team manages the project in a way that onboarding and understanding its accessibility and technical methods are easy, thus delivering the right solutions.

Our customer-centric approach doesn’t let our customers realize the barriers of time zone differences at any point of time. We provide the much needed flexibility and adaptability by tailoring the project execution model accordingly to be the best fit to conform with the need of our customers and situations they are in. Our metric-based self-performance evaluation.

Our Goals

To get customer delight by delivering robust & innovative business solutions to provide optimized software solutions

To establish Prohaktiv as a one-stop-shop for all your brand needs and To provide innovative, time-bound service

To enhance business performance of our customers with real-time marketing, data analysis and data qualification

To create and provide customized solution to every client in a “Made to Order” model and high-quality service