Digital Marketing

Higher ROI & Profitability

Lift your business to new heights with our digital marketing services

Digital Marketing is revolutionizing the way you interact with consumers, giving you the power to share your knowledge, products, and brands in real time, in every corner of the world. Engaging with the target audience & generating qualified leads is attainable through proper digital strategy. We at Prohaktiv carefully strategize & execute campaigns to get maximum ROI out of the money you are spending on advertising campaigns. We have a strong team of professionals to cater to all your Digital Marketing needs & to achieve your desired results.

Search Engine Optimization

To achieve success in organic search today, we optimize for a spread of characteristics that search engines value including technical, on-page, and off-page variables. On-page SEO (also mentioned as on-site SEO as well) which is the process of optimizing content to help rank webpages higher and generate organic traffic. On-page SEO scheme of things consists of optimizing your Page Title, headlines, HTML elements (title, meta, and header), and pictures and videos. We post relevant, high-quality content with the appropriate induction of Keywords. We ensure that your website possesses a high level of competence, authority, and credibility by considering a spectrum of things on a webpage that, when combined, will fillip your website's visibility in search results.

Search Engine Marketing

Along with a strong SEO strategy it is extremely important to run paid campaigns to reach potential prospects be it on Google Ads or Social platforms like Facebook etcetera. We offer great expertise in grasping the knowledge & demands of your business domain to conduct intensive Keywords research, study geography, time-zones to plan out a strategy for CPC based Ad campaigns. With our expertise in judging the nerve of the business & experience in implementing the strategies with the constant monitoring of Paid campaigns, we've been able to yield excellent results to customers' businesses with optimal paid spends.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Platforms offer a superb means of engaging with customers, potential prospects and audience . We make our customers social media presence felt effectively by devising social media platform strategy and helping out customers to implement it. We ensure posting of meaningful and engrossing content which has relevancy to the audience in order that it invites enriching engagement from them. We choose "What has got to go", " what proportion has got to go", " When it's to go" and "Where it's to go" - Social Media Optimization which ultimately helps increasing the "Following", "Likes" and Reactions to the content you post.

Social Media Marketing

We offer our expertise in devising your Social Media Marketing strategy by setting S.M.A.R.T goals, Tracking meaningful metrics, Create an audience Persona, Gather crucial data, carrying out the competition analysis, Using the feedback and by Focussing on Selective Network. We help our customers by creating Advertisements for Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Quora to maximise the customers' return on investment and generate qualified leads.

Email Marketing

Email has been an instrumental marketing tool for years and continues to be like that in spite of advent of all other marketing platforms. we provide our email services by devising the acceptable email strategy with appropriate creation of the e-mail lists that include customers also as potential prospects and plan out sorts of emails like Newsletters, Acquisition, Retention, and Promotional emails. We provide our expertise in not only content selection but also in overall email design as well as selection of appropriate email tools. Furthermore, we track all important metrics parameters like Open Rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribes Count, Spam Count, Forward Count etcetera which helps you in making rationale based decision for your next steps.