Business Intelligence

Accelerate Srategic Decision Making

Accelerate Srategic Decision Making with BI

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics have lately taken larger-than-life pole position to analyze consumer behavior and tweak the way a company does business. We strongly place Big Data and Analytics as a non-negotiable competency towards any business’ transformation. At Prohaktiv, we constantly aim to unlock significant value to organizations by making accurate information, transparent and usable, so companies can conduct controlled experiments and make better decisions towards development of next gen products & services.

Data Warehousing

In this digital revolution, companies possess huge amounts of data which is unprocessed. At Prohaktiv, we unlock the unmet potential of this data by structuring it with our data warehousing. With the use of various tools like SAS, Qlikq, snowflake, Tableau we anticipate future challenges, changing trends for our Clients to make their decisions smarter and faster like never before. By accessing our data warehouse services, Our Clients have witnessed accelerated growth, clarity and increased workforce efficiency.


In today’s world Data Integration has become inevitable, so it becomes extremely important to fetch data appropriately, but proper mechanism is well-thought and implemented to ensure Data integrity, Security, Format, and proper sensitization. Prohaktiv has a proven track record of data integration using various ETL tools to get deep historical context for our valuable Clients. Also, we deliver a consolidated view of data which plays a vital role in decision making of businesses. We assure simplified and super useful data, cost effective ETL solutions and scalability of businesses.


It is evident that OLAP plays a significant role in multidimensional data analysis. At Prohaktiv, we put our efforts to meet the organization's demand for multidimensional data. We strengthen our Clients by leveraging the power of analysed data through OLAP. Understanding market trends, sales patterns, and making efficient decisions become easier for our Clients by joining our hands. In the longer run, data analysis majorly contributes in designing business strategy, sales strategy and helps to achieve organization’s goals.