Complete Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud, AWS, Azure & Google

Enhance Your Operations With Our Cloud Infrastructure Services

Prohaktiv provides customized IaaS cloud solutions for multi-functional requirements – Hosting, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Maintenance, Backup, Resiliency and Planning. Prohaktiv’s Cloud Infrastructure Solutions can be customized as per your requirements. We know how unpredictable business demands can get. To voice these immediate needs and to provide support and security to all your sensitive business data, Prohaktiv offers flexible and scalable cloud services for improved business continuity.

Private Cloud, AWS, Azure & Google

Industry has seen a complete shift towards cloud based hosting and cloud oreinted application development. The demand is so much that there are innumerable Cloud Service Providers offering the platform - we, at Prohaktiv, have got excellent expertise in setting up Private clouds as well as set up AWS, Azure and Google clouds as per the suitability and need. We assess the business requirement and application deployment need to devise suitable cloud infra architecture to match with most optimal need of application design We can also help you in migration from you local server or Private cloud set up to bigger service providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Cloud Security

In these times of your Data, software applications and products being hosted in external infrastructure with various cloud service providers it is of utmost importance that a security architecture is well thought of, implemented and monitored constantly. We help you to protect your assests from theft, leakage and permanent deletion - Our experts utilizes best of the methodologies to provide cloud security which includes configuring robust firewalls, utilize appropriate security assessement including penetration testing and protocol analyzer tools to find gaps and there by harden the network (using obfuscation, tokenization, VPN, and bar public intertnet connection) and hosts to secure your assets from Cyber attack and threats.


With "Continuous DevOps" as our foundational service of the Software Delivery Life Cycle, we help companies optimize their existing architecture, thereby improving the value and performance of their business. We carefully asses the DevOps maturity of your processes, then pilot and effect necessary changes to efficiently develop and deploy the highest quality of software possible. Our engineers understand the technology landscape well with astute knowledge about software development, system integration and operations.

Monitoring Services

We offer our expertise in monitoring huge infrastructure solutions and heavily used complex applications. We employ various software like CloudWatch, Zabbix, Nagios for run-time and pro-active monitoring of infrastructure. We deploy an alert system that sends out automatioc alerts in the form of email and PagerDuty messages to alarm of anything risk threshold with respect to CPU, RAM, Network Availability, Disk space shortage and any uneverntful security attack or threat.