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When it comes to Enterprise applications, it is expected to be designed to integrate various systems that are required to run an enterprise’s operations to facilitate streamlined cooperation and coordination of work across the enterprise. This involves integration of core business processes exempli gratia sales, accounting, finance, HR, inventory, Vendor system, dealer system, and Production. The enterprise system is expected to control all major business processes in real time through just one software system in a client-server platform. Our team comprises of consultants with excellent knowledge of various domains so that they can understand the need of your business and devise solutions to the same to provide guidance to the design and development team to build holistic solutions considerting various end-points and integrations.

Oracle EBS

Serving Enterprise businesses with their need of running the business with the highest level of efficiency, the need of large scale systems & data integration. Our Oracle ERP/EBS functional & technical experts have been instrumental exploiting the diverse features offered by the Oracle suite to implement & maintain the systems flawlessly in great coordination with business folks & SMEs placed across the globe.Future belongs to Oracle Fusion & hence our consultants are equipped with the greatest available knowledge & experience to help migrate your businesses to the cloud based solution with best of the strategy & full-proof planning to ensure smooth & swift migration. Read More...


Running highly dispersed business applications in the age of takeovers and acquisitions is a challenge is a great challenge. Our team had got a great expertise in understanding the existing systems to maintain, support and enhance the applications. We have supported several businesses in automating and streamlining business workflow, forecast, planning, consolidation and migration activities with very easy to access dashboards. Read More...