Audit & Compliance

Audit & Compliance

Industries are driven by some specific standards and regualtions which are derived out of a lot of reseach by the specific industry drivers. Governments recognizes such standards and certain mandates are set accordingly so that a mimimun standard of quality, safety and security are achieved. There are numerous standards compliance set by the various regulators. We conduct stringent autdit to ensure that individual organizations in specific domain meet the minimum standard as per regulations and help achieve organizations to get rid of non-conformances and attain industry coplaince certifications.

Risk Assessment, Analysis and Management

Our experienced talent help businesses in assessing. Predict and managing the risks by developing a framework based on the industry best practices. Risk Assessment and Management involve a comprehensive listing of critical processes and assets, operational, business and technology level risk assessment, threats assessment, vulnerabilities assessment, Risk Prediction, Risk Analysis, risk mitigation plan, Risk Monitoring plan & residual risk acceptance.We also develop a standard quantifiable risk monitoring & measurement matrices which indicate the probability and the impact of the risks that allow an organization to follow a rationale-based decision-making approach.


Our team of experts conducts a comprehensive audit against the standards set by various Industries regulators e.g. ISO27001, SOC 2, NIST, HIPAA and PCI. This involves Periodic Reviews, Refinement, pro-active compliance, Raising nonconformances, a corrective action plan, Resolution review and the closure of the same.


Information technology(IT) related operational & managerial controls build the backbone of all regulatory compliance requirements for the information security & data protection. Our consultants help you plan integrated processes & control methodologies needed for various compliance requirements like efforts. We provide an end-to-end expertise for achieving compliance to HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SOC2, GLBA & FISMA.