Prevention and protection

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Prohaktiv provides a turnkey security services for large organizations to assess the level of security against the industry best practices develop a comprehensive strategy, implement, rollout, and test the security ecosystem. Our security model and the approach is based on the ISMS model that focuses on reviewing, establishing, implementing, monitoring, maintaining and improving the information security. We follow a lifecycle approach which is comprehensive and covers application security, network security, testing, security management, and extends into managing aspects of security operations.

Audit & Compliance

Industries are driven by some specific standards and regualtions which are derived out of a lot of reseach by the specific industry drivers. Governments recognizes such standards and certain mandates are set accordingly so that a mimimun standard of quality, safety and security are achieved. There are numerous standards compliance set by the various regulators. We conduct stringent autdit to ensure that individual organizations in specific domain meet the minimum standard as per regulations and help achieve organizations to get rid of non-conformances and attain industry coplaince certifications. Read More...

Cyber Security

The need for proactive and robust Information Security and Risk Management in today’s dispersed yet connected world is of utmost importance. Still, one needs to maintain trustworthy electronic relationships and provide access to a wide audience of business partners be it your own employees, vendors or end consumers. We help you protect Applications, Software Systems, Network and Data stored and processed over the internet or intranet from Cyber threats and attacks. We, not only, help you Harden your application, network and servers but also train and educate your personnel staff to relate to the risk of threats and attacks as mostly they are targeted using malware, spam ware, phishing attacks. Read More...

Data Privacy Frameworks

With hosting going to Cloud Service Provider data privacy and protection risks have become extremely prominent in today's world for all kinds of the organization. Consumer data protection has caught everyone's keen attention across all industries - Regulations and data protection laws around the world have become extremely stringent to ensure personal data of individuals' are not being misused.The Companies are handling personal information of their customers and employees need to strictly adhere with various data privacy related laws and need to come up with an appropriate framework to avoid even minutest of the non-conformance - the framework can be assessed against ISO 22701 standard as a benchmark. Read More...